In the classroom

 I want to tell you a story….

I may be showing my age a little bit with this title but the fact is, I do want to share my limited experience with story telling and more precisely with Storybird – Artful storytelling.  Storybird – “digital publishing for everyone” – allows anyone to create a story using some beautiful artwork.  In an ideal world I would have started with the pictures themselves as they do inspire and give direction to the story.  However, I was limited to one 40 minute lesson with my very willing and able Year 8 pupils and I wanted the pupils to feel as if they had created something that they would like to share with their parents and friends.

We had spent some time in the previous lessons working on the perfect tense and the only brief I gave the pupils was to write a very short story perhaps three or four pages long.  Each page should have a picture and a sentence or maybe two.  The story had to be in the past and it had to show off their knowledge.   The beautiful pictures are really wonderful and do inspire; the stories they created were developed from the pictures  that they chose from a vast selection on the website.  Of course, I had to help a little especially with use of the imperfect as this was unknown to them but given that we only had 40 minutes I think they did a pretty good job.  Have a look….



la gazelle

I noticed that they then commented on the work of their friends so I am thinking that next time I will get them to collaborate and peer assess each other’s work giving them more opportunities to apply their knowledge.

Storybird was, thus, a useful learning experience for us all.


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